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UW Resume

Cory P. Retherford

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I aspire to lead a team of professionals responsible for large and complex high visibility projects in all instances for production, development, support, and quality assurance systems. Additionally, I want to promote activities for the university in a collaborative environment that fosters innovative and dynamic approaches to problem solving, systems architecture, enterprise initiatives, and operations development. I am a visionary leader who brings about the best in individuals and a quick learner with a desire to participate in the long-term planning and collaborative leadership of large-scale information systems initiatives and implementations of complex system deployments and migrations.


I am a respected university information manager with an in-depth knowledge of the university technical environment and a progressive information systems management career. I have established a solid foundation of knowledge administrating technical infrastructure, application development, systems architecture design and integration, business intelligence, and application deployments. I am familiar with the principles of information system processes, written policy and governance, and technical administration and auditing. I have strong relations with university constituents and proven track record of excellence. I am an effective learner and require little time to understand and comprehend new technologies and concepts.


Professional Association of Dive Instructors (Southern Indiana Scuba - Bloomington) – PADI Americas Bloomington, Indiana
IDC Staff Instructor and Emergency First Responder Instructor, 1998 – Present
  • Responsibilities include classroom, confined and open water, advanced, rescue, and dive master SCUBA as well as Emergency First Responder instruction an addtion to all pther training.
  • Manage Assistant instructors, Dive Masters, and staff assisting with student training.
  • I teach the following specialities, Deep Instructor, Dry Suit Instructor, Digital UW Photography Instructor, Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor,
    Boat Instructor, Wreck Instructor Search & Recovery Instructor, Aware Coral Reef Conservation Instructor, ​Night Instructor ​Project Aware Instructor, ​Underwater Navigator Instructor, Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor, Enriched Air (EAN/Nitrox) Instructor, Care for Children w/AED Instructor, Driver Propulsion Vehicle Instructor.
Indiana University – Student Enrollment Services – Bloomington, Indiana
Manager of Technology Services, November 2003 – Dcember 2011
  • I manage technology and information system professional staff and hourlies and direct all support operations for the Student Enrollment Services staff. I direct technical projects and provide mechanisms to improve existing business process requirements and services for the university. I project manage using a diverse group of technical skill sets and participate in numerous university governance committees, policy, and compliance initiatives.
Indiana University – UITS Student Technology Centers Bloomington, Indiana
Computer Coordinator Specialist, August 2000 – May 2003
  • Supervised 160 computer computing consultant staff members and resources at 30 remote computing lab environments.
  • Provided technical leadership and support to the computing consultants, faculty, staff, affiliates, university guests, and students using the University Information Technology services lab environment and services.
  • Designed a number of information environments for personnel training, computing support and troubleshooting, and customer relations interfacing.
  • Managed university network accounts
Clear Creek Limn logical Field Surveys Victor, Indiana November 2001
Field Student Attendee
  • Participated in longitudinal survey and profile of a creeks littoral zone, sediment analysis, chemical and microbiological testing of water and species. Evaluated the affect of a wastewater treatment plants discharge by measuring chemical concentrations at locations upstream and downstream. Interpret data and use the numerical data to analyze interrelationships among ecosystem components for diagnosing pollution problems.
Department of Environmental Management Martinsville, Indiana November 2001
Limn logical Field Surveys
Field Student Attendee
  • Participated in a biotic fish survey conducted as a management study for water quality control investigating pollutants by specie counting and cataloging. Used electro-fishing as a fish survey technique, profiling the littoral zone, sediment analysis, and chemical and microbiological testing of water and species. Data was used to analyze the interrelationships among ecosystem components and for diagnosing pollution problems.
University Lake Limn logical Field Surveys Bloomington, Indiana September 2001 - October 2001
Field Student Attendee
  • Participated in on-going assessments of a lakes Eplimnion, Hypolimnion, and Littoral zones gathering data and comparing to previous field studies. Study measured productivity and water quality of the lake as an ongoing assessment of its ecology. Study was conducted using the Ekman Dredge, Schindler Plankton Trap, a Kemmerer, a Secchi Disk, and several other electronic devices. Parameters sampled included, temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, alkalinity, pH, conductivity, soluble phosphorus, ammonia, organic nitrogen, light transmission, chlorophyll counts, and plankton counts. Data was used to analyze the interrelationships among ecosystem components and for diagnosing pollution problems.
Assessment and Management Indiana Territorial waters of Lake Michigan September 2001
Recommendations for Historic Shipwrecks
Field Research Assistant
  • Participated in initial survey of two shipwrecks in Lake Michigan with the Indiana University Office of Underwater Science conducting investigations relating to historic shipwrecks within Indiana territorial waters. Specific Underwater Science contract duties were to assess the status of existing plans and current resources for public recreation access, including offshore shipwrecks and to make recommendations on feasibility, management need, and demand on resources for recreational access to underwater resources in Lake Michigan.
Coral Reef Ecology Field School Key Largo, Florida May 2000; May 2001
Field Student Attendee / Field Research Assistant
  • Participated in two ten-day field schools in Key Largo Florida dealing with the documentation and assessment of shipwrecks as artificial reefs and means to conserve and preserve numerous locations as cultural significant sites. Program activities included multiple daily dives on sites throughout the upper and middle Florida Keys focusing on photographic documentation of the accumulation of biological organisms within research grids placed on wreck hulls at the time they were scuttled.
Scientific Diver Training Mitchell / Bloomington, Indiana August 1999 - December 2000
Program Student
  • Curriculum included basic documentation of underwater sites. Training consisted of mapping techniques, site plan creation, video and photographic documentation, and guidelines for resource management assessment for underwater resources. Incorporated the fundamentals necessary for safe and efficient diving during scientific investigations and emphasis on diving knowledge such as, physics, physiology, history, and advanced diving skills.
Indiana University – Bachelor of Arts, Under Water Archaeology – August 1996 to May 2003
Bachelor of Arts concentrations included disciplined studies in underwater archaeological management and conservation with an emphasis in the study of historically significant cultural resources, park development, resource management, and biological assessments. Acquired a vast amount of field experience in the Florida Keys and Lake Michigan doing non-evasive field studies of underwater shipwrecks, developing site plans, proposing protection strategies, creating and collaborating to the design and development of several comprehensive field reports and web sites, as well as the identification of an 18th century shipwreck.
Indiana University – Under Water Resource Management Certificate – August 1996 to May 2001

Indiana University –
Bachelor of Science, Astrophysics – August 1996 to May 2001
Studies included cosmology and focus in observational and theoretical astrophysics (mechanics, electromagnetism, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, relativity, and particle physics). 3 credits short of receiving degree.