Mar 24
InfoPath Forms Services Forms Cannot Be Filled Out In A Web Browser Because No State Service Connection Is Configured.

In order to use the SharePoint 2010 InfoPath Forms Services using the web browser service, the SharePoint Farm requires that the SharePoint Server Session State Service is enabled and the appropriate service applications are created. You can create a Session State DB by following these instructions

In the Central Administrator (CA) you may also encounter this Warning in the Health Analyzer

To enable and create this Session State Service Application you can open PowerShell and run the following.

  • Use the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell
    • New-SPStateServiceDatabase –Name “SESSION_STATE_SERVICE_DB” | New-SPStateServiceApplication –Name “Session State Service Application” | New-SPStateServiceApplicationProxy -DefaultProxyGroup

  • Run this command to add the plugin to PowerShell so you can execute the provisioning
    • Add-PSSnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell"
  • After running the Add Snapin, run the following
    • Create a Session State Service Application
      • New-SPStateServiceApplication -Name "Session State Service Application"
    • Create the Session State Service DB
      • Enable-SPSessionStateService -DatabaseName "SESSION_STATE_SERVICE_DB"
    • Associate the Session State Service Application to the Application Proxy
      • New-SPStateServiceApplicationProxy -Name "Session State Service Application Proxy" -ServiceApplication "Session State Service Application" -DefaultProxyGroup
    • Enable User form templates
      • Set-SPInfoPathFormsService -AllowUserFormBrowserRendering $true

Now that the Service Application has been created it will be displayed in the CA> Manage Service Applications



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