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Diver Information

Slobodna Dive Information "Mast Wreck"
Site Description: Within a large patch of sand are the scattered remnants of a 19th century sailing vessel. The site contains numerous types of rigging and hull components that appear to be the archaeological remains of the sailing vessel Slobodna that sunk on March 16, 1887. What lies as the center focus of the site is a large 56 foot mast and 20 foot boom. There are numerous iron knees, chains, pulleys, metal boxes, and a bilge pump scattered throughout a two-hundred foot square area. The site however lacks any significant deck rigging which is common to shipwreck sites. This suggests that the site may only be part of the vessel, which is corroborated with documentation. The other remains and components are at the site known as the Winch Hole located very near the "Mast Wreck" which contains it large stern winch and numerous deck riggings and large chain.
  • Location: Molasses Reef, south and shoreward of the reef tower. GPS coordinates (TBD)
  • Depth: Ranges from 20 to 25 feet in depth.
  • Visibility: Average visibility ranges from 35 to 60 feet.
  • Diver Level: Open Water scuba diver, or advanced snorkel.
The site lacks any mooring lines and has no identifying spar buoy or markers to identify the site. The site is rarely visited by divers but incorporates a significant amount of historical information. The site is an excellent example of a shipwreck and represents a significant time in maritime travel and commercial work. The site has become well incorporated into the reef system and harbors many types of corals and fish. Schools of fish and numerous patches of soft and hard corals can be seen on and around the large mast. The site is a very enjoyable shallow dive that can be visited time and time again, always finding something new to look at.