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Field Research "Mast Wreck"
Continued Research
In May of 2000 and 2001 research assistants from the Indiana University Underwater Science Field School surveyed the Slobodna shipwreck "Mast Wreck" to further support the compiling data that suggests the site is indeed the shipwreck Slobodna. Ongoing investigations have been conducted since late 1995 and suggest to a high probability that the identifying artifacts, documentation, and association of clues from another site known as the "Winch Hole" conclusively prove that the site does match the remains of the Slobodna. Further archaeological investigations are being done with an anticipated site report in late December 2002.
The site is part of the Underwater Science Programs yearly ongoing assessment which monitors biological changes as well as any archaeologically significant contextual displacement of artifacts. Recommendations are in development to create a mooring system for the site.