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Slobodna Shipwreck "Mast Wreck"

The Mast Wreck site is believed to be the 1887 Austrian sailing vessel Slobodna which ran aground on Molasses reef in Key Largo, Florida, on March 16, 1887, carrying 4,500 bales of cotton and other numerous cargos. Near the site lies the Windlass Wreck also known as "The Winch" or "Winch Hole". It is believed that this winch once belonged to the Slobodna; a 170-foot wooden schooner that only three years after the vessel was built it ran aground on Molasses Reef. Wreckage is scattered throughout a large area containing a large mast and boom. If identified as the Slobodna, the sailing vessel will be the only representative type ship of its era in the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, and will add to our understanding and interpretation of the past.