Aug 15
SharePoint Governance Topics and Objectives

Here is the list of SharePoint Services Governance Policies and Standards objectives you will likely ancounter and need to address in your organization.


Define polices and standards governing a central SharePoint service at your organization.  By defining service policies and standards for SharePoint you avoid additional costs of maintaining redundant services and mitigate the proliferation of unmanaged content. Here are various goals that you may be required to adress with regard to SharePoint services policies and standards.

  • Provide a consistent, high-quality user experience
  • Empower customers to take full advantage of SharePoint
  • See that changes and enhancements to the service are communicated to customers
  • Confirm that access to SharePoint content is properly secured, authorized and audited
  • Ensure that content is retained in compliance with record retention guidelines
  • Insure that SharePoint operates as a highly available service
  • Define roles and responsibilities related to the operation of SharePoint

In the context of this document, a policy is a rule that all SharePoint users are expected to follow without deviation. A standard is included to encourage the consistent application of best practices. The intended audience is the owners of SharePoint sites and the users who produce and consume the content of these sites.

  • SharePoint Governance Committee
  • SharePoint Farms and Site Type Standard
  • SharePoint Security, Privacy and Appropriate Use Policies
  • SharePoint Site Owner Training Standard
  • SharePoint User Training Standard
  • SharePoint Developer Training Standard
  • SharePoint Public Access Policy
  • SharePoint Authentication Standard
  • SharePoint Infrastructure Maintenance Policy
  • SharePoint Recycle Bin Policy
  • SharePoint Backup and Restore Policy
  • SharePoint Disaster Recovery Standard
  • SharePoint Upload File Size Limit Policy
  • SharePoint Upload File Type Policy
  • SharePoint Browser Support Standard
  • SharePoint User Profile Service Policy
  • SharePoint Resource Throttling Policy
  • SharePoint Outgoing E-mail Policy
  • SharePoint Incoming E-mail Policy
  • SharePoint Third Party Add-on Policy
  • SharePoint Excel Services Standard
  • SharePoint Visio Services Standard
  • SharePoint PerformancePoint Services Standard
  • SharePoint PowerPivot Services Standard
  • SharePoint Reporting Services Standard
  • SharePoint InfoPath Forms Services Standard
  • SharePoint Access Services Standard
  • Site Collection Provisioning Policy
  • Site Collection Usage Notification and Automatic Deletion Policy
  • Site Owner Responsibilities Policy
  • Site Permissions Standard
  • Site Storage Growth Policy
  • Site Template Standard
  • Site Design Branding Policy
  • Site Design Navigation Policy
  • Information Management Content Type Policy
  • Information Management Metadata Terms Policy
  • Information Management Metadata Keywords Policy
  • Information Management Metadata Tagging Policy
  • Information Management Search Indexing Standard
  • Information Management External Content Search and Crawling Standard
  • Information Management Line of Business Connection Standard
  • Information Management Document Library Versioning Standard
  • Information Management Content Retention and Disposition Standard
  • Information Management Auditing Standard
  • Information Management Document Barcode Standard
  • Information Management Document Labeling Standard
  • Information Management Document Linking Standard
  • Information Management Document Set Standard
  • Information Management Digital Asset Standard
  • Custom Development Business Connectivity Services Policy
  • Custom Development SharePoint Designer Standard
  • Custom Development Workflows Policy
  • Custom Development Web Parts Policy
  • Custom Development Features Policy


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