I am am an experienced information security practitioner and information technology thought leader with more than 20 years of experience.  I have led many large data access and security stewardship projects through successful adoption and as a Solutions Engineer for Spirion, I provides architectural expertise to augment and expand upon data stewardship using Spirion to meet compliance and reduce the risk of data loss by implementing controls such as data classifications, remediation of data and user awareness.  Prior to Spirion I spent 17 years in Higher Education in management and as an architect.
I have a extensive background as a project manager (RAD, Agile, and various Hybrid methodologies) and using most Microsoft products which primarily include Active Directory, Hyper-V, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Business Intelligence tools and services using Power View, PowerPivot, SharePoint Integrated Reporting Services, PerformancePoint services, Native SQL Server Reporting Services.  I am also well versed as a systems Administrator/Architect/Engineer setting up and supporting Tableau Server, Secunia, Spirion (Identity Finder), Symantec Encryption Management Server (PGP), Trend Micro’s Deep Security Manager, and many more applications and services.

Positions and Experience (Resume)

I am a Solution Engineer at Spirion and provide technical software and architectural expertise for customers adopting or expanding upon the Spirion Sensitive Data Manager (Formally Identity Finder) security solution. As an experienced technical expert of the product with 10 years’ experience I present software deployment and architecture proof of concepts and expert technical guidance for successful deployment and adoption for organizations. My objective is to build strong customer relationship and satisfaction with the Sensitive Data Manager solution.
My past positions include roles such as the Indiana University Opereational Sr. Security Engineer for 3 years, Indiana University Lead Business Intelligence Architect for 5 years, Indiana University Student Enrollment Services Manager of Technology Services for 8 years, Indiana University Support Staff Supervisor for 3 years, and contractual work for private, government, and many other industries.
I have in-depth knowledge and vast experiences with the security and compliance (PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SOX) process.  I also founded and facilitated several Users' Groups and have a strong management background leading teams responsible for application development, systems support, security, and infrastructure.  My project and people management experience and skills have afforded myself the opportunity to lead large adoptions of technologies such as Symantec Encryption Manager (PGP), Spirion Sensitive Data Manager, Active Directory, SharePoint, Business Intelligence systems, Tableau services, Imaging, student systems, point-of-sales, and numerous other large projects.
As a professional in infrastructure, architecture, and security I have been responsible for large and complex high visibility projects.  My style promotes collaborative engagements which foster innovative and dynamic approaches to problem solving, systems architecture, enterprise initiatives, and operations development. I like to think of myself as a visionary leader who brings about the best in individuals and a quick learner with a desire to participate in the long-term planning and collaborative leadership of large-scale information systems initiatives and implementations and see both the big and small picture.
I am a respected information manager with an in-depth knowledge of systems integrations, administrating technical infrastructure, application development and deployments systems, architecture design, and well versed in Agile (Scrum/KANBAN) project methodologies.  My progressive information systems management career has afforded myself an extensive familiarity with the principles of information system processes such as disaster recovery, change management, policy and governance, and technical administration and auditing. I have strong relations with Microsoft, Tableau, Spirion, Trend Micro, Symantec, and many other colleagues and constituents.  I am an effective learner and require little time to understand and comprehend new technologies and concepts.
My primary technical skillsets include Network Security, High Availability Infrastructure Services planning and deployment which include load balancing and clustering for DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, SharePoint, Tableau, SQL Analysis Services, SQL DB, SQL Reporting Services, Tableau Server, Secunia, Identity Finder, Symantec Encryption Management Server (PGP), and Trend Micro’s Deep Security Manager. In addition, I have a strong hardware infrastructures background and have designed and built Data Centers/Labs (cooling and electrical capacity planning) that consist of blade and rack servers, Storage Area Networks, and virtual environments hosting VMWare ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors.


Team Leader and Mentor
Project/Vendor Management
Solutions Architecture and Implementation
Application Design and Testing
Usability and UX
Problem Solving
Business Product Knowledge
System Development Lifecycle
Data Stewardship and Governance

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