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About Me


My name is Cory and I am adventurer, my interests and travels have landed me on the stage performing music, on the podium, 3 Marathons and 24 Half-Marathons, visiting other worldly places underwater in scuba or visiting the universe with my 12 inch Meade LX200 GPS telescope.

Scuba Diving

​I am a professional PADI IDC Staff Scuba Instructor and have an Bachelors of Underwater Archaeology and Resource Management.  You can get to know me better by visiting my SCUBA Site. I have published many archaeological reports such as a shipwreck named the Slobodna in the Florida Keys. I regularly teach SCUBA such as Open water Scuba, Advanced Scuba, Rescue Diver, Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, and Emergency First Aid.  I am also the owner of Indiana Scuba, LLC "Hoosier Divers".


I have a strong background in Astronomy and Astrophysics having studied the field as one of my undergraduate studies at Indiana University which included mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, relativity, and particle physics. I have continued interests in a number of theoretical areas of physics and well rounded interests in science in general...basically I am a closet nerd!

Information Technology

My IT skillsets is broad and I enjoy sharing my knowledge through my blogs, Lightning ToolsMicrosoft I Use SharePoint, the Indiana University SharePoint Users' group, and many other social media such as Twitter.  I have 20 years in IT and continue to enjoy the challenges and journeys its has taken me either physically/mentally or virtually by 1ms at a time.


I love percussion and have 30+ years as an experienced drummer.  I practice daily and of course use cool sound engineering technologies such as digital/analog mixers and digital multichannel mixer/recorders such as the Mackie FX22 and the TASCAM DP-32.  I have many years of formal percussion training including music theory and music appreciation.  I very much enjoy the sound of live music however I enjoy having fantastic hearing and use studio equipment to practice and lay down tracks.  My main drum set is a Gretsch Renwon 10 piece with 11 Paiste Signature cymbals and a Ludwig Classic Rocker 5 peice with 5 Paiste cymbals.


I actively run full (26.2 miles) and half marathons (13.1).  I have run the Disney Marathon, Indianapolis Marathon, and Monumental Marathon.  I have also run 11 Indianapolis mini-marathon, Kentucky Derby, Geist, and several others.

Saltwater Aquarium Hobbyist

I am an aquarium hobbyist and not just your normal put water and salt mix together.  I have a 200 gallon display tank and a 60 gallon sump/refuge, use calcium reactors, skimmers, ozonators, APEX Fusion equipment, autofill systems; plumbing and piping that most specialist would shy from.  Here is my personal Blog "Aquariums My World"

Boating and camping

I am a very experienced boat owner and enjoy just about anything in the sun.  I camp regularly with a tent or with a camper, nothing more relaxing than taking the camper to a site on the water and beaching my boat next to it.

Martial Arts

In addition I enjoy the martial arts.  I practice Taekwondo (Ji Do Kwan/WTF style) and a member of the Indiana University Club and Hapkido and a member of the Indiana University Club  You can visit my own Martial Arts page to gain access to valuable information.


I primarily read non-fiction which includes some of the following magazines:
Astronomy, CIO, Discovery, Information Week, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Scientific American, Science News, Sport Diver, The Undersea Journal, SharePoint Pro, DevPro Connections, SQL Server Magazine, and Windows IT Pro.

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