Oct 26
Creating a SharePoint Implementation Schedule

As any major services deployment you want to create a high-level deployment timeline that your directors, managers, and end-users can identify with.


  • RTM release BITS
    • May 2nd, 2010
      • Test, test, test, test, refine procedures…
  • Provision "VM" Servers
    • April - May, 2010
      • Yes, I said VM servers, why not!?
        • You'll need this time to work out memory, processor, storage requirements, and firewall software and hardware settings
  • Build and document TST environment
    • May - June, 2010
  • Build Production (STG)
    • June - July, 2010
  • Test DB migrations and new staged environment
    • July
      • Solicit participants to help you test and compare functionality
        • This is a great time delegate the creation of self-help guides and documentation! Use the testers as the ones to create the majority of this documentation, it's their perspective you want since this is new to them.
  • Final deployment
    • July - August, 2010
      • Remind Users why you are doing this upgrade and the advantages to this new version


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