Feb 01
Configure Web Analytics for SharePoint 2010

An End-user receives the message:
"Web Analytics reports cannot be displayed because the Web Analytics Service Application is not provisioned. Contact the farm administrator to request that the Web Analytics Service Application be provisioned."

This result occurs if the End-User navigates to Site Action > Site Settings > Site Actions > Site Web or Site Collection Web Analytics

Follow these steps to create a Web Analytics Service application

  • Provision a Service Account such as Domain\spwebadp to run the service application
  • Navigate to the Central Administrator > Application Management > Service Applications > Manage Service Applications
    • Select New from the Ribbon and choose Web Analytics Service Application
      • I suggest using Data Base names such as the following:
        Select the Service Application account
        Provide the Server Name and make certain you also define your instance if using one!



The following screenshot displays the fields to successfully create the service application



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