Nov 05
SQL Alias's and SharePoint

Windows SQL Severs can be setup to use server alias's using the local native client configuration manager so that in the event of an upgrade (SQL Server 2008R2) clients do not need to make server connection changes to existing Data Bases when server names are changed. If you use the alias SP2010\Instance you can always point your SharePoint WFE's to your server FQDN without any consequence of the SQL server name. The advantage of this approach is that if you ever want to move your SharePoint databases to a new SQL Server all you need to do is change the SQL Alias.

  • On the SQL Server create an alias
    • In SQL Server Configuration Manager, expand SQL Native Client Configuration and SQL Native Client Configuration (32bit), right-click Aliases, and then click New Alias.
    • The New Alias (Alias Tab) topic describes the New Alias dialog box, and contains links to valid connection strings for each type of protocol.

  • On the SharePoint WFE configure the Client do the following
    • Open a run prompt and type cliconfg.
      • The SQL Server Client Network Utility will open.
    • Click the General Tab
      • Enable TCP/IP
    • Click the Alias tab
      • Add the server name alias SP2010

  • This will now use the Alias server name and redirect the client to any new server FQDN location if changed


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