May 02
Spirion “Limit the number of "Local" sessions opened”

Spirion provides functioinality to limit the number of sessions used or that remain open after a file is accessed when searching for PII.  When an  application makes a local connection to authenticate (access file resources) it will create a session.  Under normal circumstances, all sessions are closed when a search is completed.  If an application exits unexpectedly then the session is orphaned.  The operating system should close these during its normal clean up process however its possible that sessions could remain open.

Spirion strives to mitigate any behavior that could cause undesirable behavior and has a policy option to control this behavior.  These are Policy Settings available in the Console:

The following policy changes will prevent the lingering NuanceLS sessions for the local scans.

Settings\Locations\Files\OCR\ErrorHandling (Set this to MaxLocationProcessTime "1")
Settings\Locations\Files\OCR\ErrorHandling (Set this to MaxShutdownWaitTime "5")
Settings\Locations\Files\OCR\Version (Set this to "Use legacy")


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