May 31
Spirion Save Local Results File (Scheduled Tasks "Background")

When scanning using a Scheduled Task "Background" scan and you want to have a local encrypted file (.idf file) for those results saved to the client being scanned, use these settings.

  1. Remove from existing policy and value(s) set for the SaveKey within the Scheduled Task in the Web Console policies and update the client(s) policy.
    1. As you proceed through this policy be aware that this is not a single client specific process, this process is generating a unique key that can be used for all clients.
    2. During this process it will warn that your profile password will be saved in clear text, this will be removed as soon as the key has been generated. This password is used to salt the encryption key so it's not reversible.
  2. Use the following settings for the Policy.

  3. After running the Scheduled Task (Background) scan, results will be saved to the specified location you set in the policy.



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