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Update Windows Admin Center Certificate

Update Windows Admin Center Certificate

Windows Admin Center provides a self-signed certificate that is valid for 60 days, after that your browser accessing the console ill generate access errors when authenticating. To avoid this you can create a new certificate to enable year-long certificates and also used to install on the desktops accessing the console.

  1. Install IIS on the Windows Admin Server, this will be used to generate a self-signed certificate.
  2. Open IIS and select the Server Name > double click "Server Certificates".
  3. This will open Actions for creating the "Self-Signed Certificate".
  4. Name the certificate "Windows Admin Center" and select "Personal". Click OK and it will create a certificate within the certificate store on the Windows Admin Center server.
  5. From within IIS in the Server Certificates you will see the newly created TLS cert.
  6. Right Click the Name of the certificate and choose "Export" form the menu options.
    1. Export this to your desktop and provide a passphrase, don't lose this passphrase, you will need it to install on the machines accessing the Admin Web Portal.
  7. Double click the same certificate from within the Server Certificates view.
    1. This open the certificate properties, choose "Details".
      1. Scroll down to the field named "Thumprint".
        1. Copy this Value; will use this to update the thumbprint being used by Windows Admin Center.
  8. Open "Apps & features" on the server.
  9. Select "Windows Admin Center" and choose Modify > Next > Change.
    1. Change the Thumbprint appropriately as shown below with the value copied previously.
    2. Click "Change".
      1. This will update the certificate with the newly created certificate.


Windows Admin Center Certificate Installation on the Desktop

This process will enable you to browse to the Windows Admin Center with a valid TLS RSA AES-256 bit encryption certificate "HTTPS" connection. This will reduce the number of password prompts and secure your connection.


  1. From the desktop right click the "Exported" certificate copied form IIS in step 6 and select "Install PFX".
    1. Choose Local Machine > Next > Next > Supply the password you created in step 6 > Choose "Place all certificates in the following store" > Click Browse and select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities> OK > Next > Finish.
  2. When you browse to the Windows Admin Center you will have a valid TLS certificate "HTTPS" connection. This will reduce the number of password prompts and secure your connection.


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