Jul 16
SAML (SSO) using Spirion

Spirion now provides Single Sign-On (SSO). A SSO process permits a user to carry out a single (master sign-on) to authenticate to all of an organizations included applications and gain access to those systems. When a user browses to the Spirion web console, the user is redirected to the organizations portal to sign in with a single username and password.

The company's SSO website verifies the user's identity with an identity provider, such as Microsoft's Active Directory Federation services or Azure Active Directory which then redirects them to the Spirion web console automatically. With SSO, a user logs in once, and gains access to all systems without being prompted to log in again at each of them. Spirion can now be part of that security process.

We all use SSO in many ways such as when a user logs into their desktop, then opens Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync, and other applications without providing additional credentials, this is an SSO process. SSO process is used for web applications such as Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, all of which offer popular SSO services that allows you to log into one application and also the others using their social media authentication credentials.

Using SSO for an Enterprise process such as Spirion provides a great value to organizations.

  • A user only has to remember one password at all times.
  • Only required to occasionally enter credentials for Spirion and other systems, there's significantly less effort needed.
  • The back end SSO provider can capture logging such as user activity as well as monitoring user accounts. A desirable outcome of applications such as Spirion using SSO.
  • Reduces Risk by Minimizing Bad Password Habits.
  • The combination of a user ID and password is no longer a strong enough protection strategy to access an organizations most vulnerable information, SSO provides an additional layer to strengthen this process.
  • Many modern organizations such as government (DOD, NASA, etc.) and enterprises require SSO to protect access to web application access.
  • Extra security can be added to the initial single sign-on, for example requiring biometric authentication, or access via an RSA token or similar encryption device, independent of Spirion, but allows our product integration into these processes.


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