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Install SharePoint 2010 and Upgrade Process

SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Plan


Microsoft will soon release a new and improved version of their popular SharePoint product.  As result of the numerous improvements of the Office 2007 SharePoint infrastructure, I will be deploying and updating my current 2007 environment with SharePoint 2010 Enterprise very soon.  The following is the high level breakdown designed to help outline the technical administration, maintenance, and support of the SharePoint Server deployment in an enterprise.  This document is based heavily upon best practices for SharePoint and experiences gained with the current infrastructure.

The following are plans to upgrade SharePoint 2007 SP2 environment to SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Medium 3 Tier deployment with High Availability.  The process includes  a "Database Attached Method (Read-only database process with fall back environment and AAM Redirection; where required) with 2 step Visual Upgrade after 90 days" 


  • Tighter Integrations with Windows 7, Office 2010 including Exchange Server 2010, and web standards and compliance
  • Additional backup methods and reliabilities
  • High Availability Automatic Failover
    • DB's
  • Sandbox Solutions
  • Level 1 browser support for IE 7 and 8 and Firefox 3.x and improved Safari support
  • Patch Management
  • Visual Upgrade
    • Remain in 2007 UI for 3 months
    • Make available the preview capability
  • Performance Point services included with SharePoint Enterprise
    • Business Intelligence
      • Pivot Technologies



  • SSP's are Gone
    • My Sites Theme Changes!
      • No Visual backward compatibility for UI
    • Any and all work done in the SSP's is lost
      • Redo the search and associations!
  • Server Specification Musts!
    • 8GB Memory
    • 2 CPU
    • Local Drive
      • Needs to maintain free space five times the value of physical memory for a full memory dump with continued operation.
    • Enable Network Load Balancing using new IP's, contact NOC to add static MAC's of URL's and NLB NICS
      • Add 2 additional NIC's each for the NLB and WEB
      • Use a 50GB OS data volume
        • Request additional 50GB partition for search logs – E:\Search_Index_Logs
        • Request additional 50GB partition for Index servers – F:\ Index_Logs
  • SharePoint SKU's

INSTALL PROCESS - Install using the SharePoint Admin domain account!!!

  • Prerequisites
    • Install .NET Framework
      • Server Manager > Features > Add Features > .NET Framework...
  • Don't install SharePoint with your own administrative account!

    Pasted from <>

  • Run the PrerequisiteInstaller - Requires Internet Connection


  • Restart the server
  • Disable Software Firewall Temporarily During Install to DB
  • Install Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Server Farm
    • Server Type
      • Complete
    • File Location
      • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers
      • E:\Data

    Install Now


Microsoft Office Webb Apps Install

Don't install with your own administrative account!



Note*  If you are going to install the SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint Role, do not Run the Configuration Wizard until you have intalled this role on the SQL Server!!!

Run the Configuration Manager after the install is complete

Specify the DB Access Account

Note* SharePoint Domain account needs to be a sysadmin and public roles on the DB

Create a new Server Farm

SharePoint Configuration Wizard

Enter FARM credentials






Central Administrator

    • Add the Farm security Administrative group
    • Alternatively you can script the insall process using Windows PowerShell


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