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Microsoft SharePoint


During the course of administrating SharePoint for 18 years and spending countless hours reading books, blogs, whitepapers, collaborating with others, and just pure trial and error I have decided to spare and share the challenges and resolutions.  The following are my SharePoint 201x Install Infrastructure notes and guidelines for almost everything I could think of for a successful SharePoint Enterprise farm environment.
I did my best to show the full syntax and real world examples when using PowerShell and other steps such as using the mmc and didn't assume you know it all, because my first time implementing these services I certainly didn't.  There are many components I have likely left out, however I will continue to add and modify documentation to make it as reliable an accurate as I can to help make your deployment successful. These steps include the install for Microsoft SharePoint 201x Enterprise, PowerPivot, Office Apps, and other important services.
I cover how to best implement backup schedules from my trial and error, how to implement AD Group Policy to the servers, setup SQL Server, SQL and client alias's, SQL maintenance, the SharePoint install itself, Office Apps, PowerPivot, backup, and much more!
I hope this install guide simplifies your SharePoint install experience and please leave feedback and enjoy!



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  • How We Can Use SharePoint As Our Solution To the Cloud

    • On Premises SharePoint Cloud

    • Microsoft Office 365


FARM SETTINGS (Central Ad​​ministration)

  • Central Administration

    • Application Management

    • System Settings

      • Servers

      • E-Mail and Text Messages (SMS)

        • Configure outgoing e-mail settings

        • Configure incoming e-mail settings

        • Configure mobile account

        • Farm Management

        • Configure alternate access mappings

        • Manage farm features

        • Manage farm solutions

        • Manage user solutions

        • Configure privacy options

        • Configure cross-firewall access zone

    • Monitoring

      • Health Analyzer

        • Review problems and solutions

        • Review rule definitions

      • Timer Jobs

        • Review job definitions

        • Check job status

      • Reporting

        • View administrative reports

        • Configure diagnostic logging

        • Review Information Management Policy Usage Reports

        • View health reports

        • Configure usage and health data collection

        • View Web Analytics reports

    • Backup and Restore

      • Farm Backup and Restore

        • Perform a backup

        • Restore from a backup

        • Configure backup settings

        • View backup and restore history

        • Check backup and restore job status

      • Granular Backup

        • Perform a site collection backup

        • Export a site or list

        • Recover data from an unattached content database

        • Check granular backup job status

    • Security

      • Users

        • Manage the farm administrators group

        • Approve or reject distribution groups

        • Specify web application user policy

      • General Security

        • Configure managed accounts

        • Configure service accounts

        • Configure password change settings

        • Specify authentication providers

        • Manage trust

        • Manage antivirus settings

        • Define blocked file types

        • Manage web part security

        • Configure self-service site creation

      • Information policy

        • Configure information rights management

        • Configure Information Management Policy

    • Upgrade and Patch Management

      • Convert farm license type

      • Enable Enterprise Features

      • Enable Features on Existing Sites

      • Check product and patch installation status

      • Review database status

      • Check upgrade status

    • General Application Settings

      • External Service Connections

        • Configure send to connections

        • Configure document conversions

      • InfoPath Forms Services

        • Manage form templates

        • Configure InfoPath Forms Services

        • Upload form template

        • Manage data connection files

        • Configure InfoPath Forms Services Web Service Proxy

      • Site Directory

        • Configure the Site Directory

        • Scan Site Directory Links

      • SharePoint Designer

        • Configure SharePoint Designer settings

      • Search

        • Farm Search Administration

        • Crawler Impact Rules

      • Content Deployment

        • Configure content deployment paths and jobs

        • Configure content deployment

        • check deployment of specific content

      • Reporting Services

        • Reporting Services Integration

        • Add a Report Server to the Integration

        • Set server defaults

      • PowerPivot

        • Management Dashboard

        • Configure service application settings

  • Configuration Wizards

    • Farm Configuration

      • Launch the Farm Configuration Wizard


  • Backup And Recovery

    • SQL Servers

    • SharePoint Web Front End Servers

    • SharePoint Application Servers




  • Institutional

  • Enterprise

  • Departmental/Division

  • Personal


  • Office Web Apps Installation



  • Custom Masterpage

  • Site Layout Matrix

  • Architecture

END USER EXPERIENCE (These features will benefit​​ your End-Users)

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